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Property & Bookkeeping Services

Large Modern House with Pool
  • Home Watch Service

  • Control Appliances / AC / Light' s are working

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Check in / Check out Service with minutes

  • Lot & Property control

  • Mailbox service Suite

  • Water Systems visual control that there are no leaks

  • Handyman Service

  • Small Repairs

  • Assemble furniture

  • Screen repairs

  • Virtual Bookkeeping Service

  • and much more

Arrange a free Meet & Greet and we can give you a quote for your requirements.

Service Areas:
Cape Coral
Fort Myers
virtual Bookkeeping:

Pet Services

Sleeping Cat
  • Pet Sitting Service

  • Caged Pets, Cat, Dogs, Birds

  • Dog walks

  • Drop-In Visits

  • Feeding & Watering

  • Liter Box Clean up, Cage clean up

  • Visit Updates

  • Playtime

  • Additional service available


They're your buddy, your alarm clock, your personal trainer, and your anti-depressant. We get it. That’s why we care for your pet in their environment where they can feel safe, secure, and happy! Because they're yours, they deserve nothing less than the very best.

Arrange a free Meet & Greet.

Pet Management Areas:
Cape Coral
Fort Myers
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